Happy Memory (AI、Card、Flop)

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    Happy Memory (AI、Card、Flop)

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    Memories looking through the music "is a relaxed, casual, joy, and a little memory puzzle game, the game's content model is divided into" Personal Challenge "and" double battle ", regardless of their own personal challenges or friends and family Double Battle, absolutely can create unlimited joy and challenge, and quickly download "remember looking through the music is definitely the right choice for you.

    Personal Challenge]
    Memory big PK, and computer intelligence and computer wisdom AI levels divided into three levels of You Youban, regular classes, the elite class,
    Each rating means that the computer's intelligent degree, whether you are a mortal mind, or to have the wisdom of Einstein, absolutely hooked.
    Number of challenges memory card is divided into 16, 20, 30, 36, to ensure your memory perfect upgrade several times, but do not underestimate the computer,
    God accidentally or suddenly, may soon be a computer beat the challenges of memory quickly download "remember looking through the music.

    Double Guild Wars]
    With friends and family, double memory PK, game players can choose the characters to represent the priority
    Two memory challenge to see who is the real memory of the big winners.
    Play against the number of cards is divided into 16, 20, 30, 36, the license number of the more representative of memory the higher the challenging and difficult,
    Memories looking through the music "is definitely the best choice to create unlimited joy and enhance memory.

    Billboard is the record you beat the computer, your memory record mark in the majestic Billboard.

    operating instructions:
    Click to start the game and switch to game mode selection, the game modes are divided into "Personal Challenge" and "double battle"
    Mode selection is completed, select the player characters, the game can take over the license number of select game challenges,

    When the game starts, the system will deck reshuffling of the deck, each card in each game shuffle are in different locations,
    Game players can choose two cards, two cards are not the same switch to the other players choose
    If the players select two same cards in the deck, get a final calculation of the highest total score was the victory of the player.

    let "the memory of looking through the music" to accompany you to tide over the pleasure of a good time!!!

    If encounter any problems in the game, are welcome yo
    This is a small development, and also please advise! ^ ^

    Each version of the amendment:
    v.02 computer elite class AI value adjustment.
    v.03 the computer elite class AI judge system fixes.
    add an exception when the judge, v.04 my Billboard - share actions and exception error when the correct screen to switch.
    a v.05 amendments background music loop exception.
    The v.06 amendment playback menu exception error is returned when the outcome of animation.
    v.07 optimize the performance of map data.
    v.08 multi-resolution screen adjustments.
    v.09 layout correction, sharing icon replacement.
    v.10 change SDK source.

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