Lust – Spice up your sex life




    Lust – spice up your sex life

    “Lust” is a adult game for couples. The game will challenge you and your partner with questions in different categories, exploring your deepest secrets and things you never thought of. For each right answer your partner gives, you get rewarded in an appropriate way. The game is perfect as forepaly to Sex.

    The winner of the game will have the possibility to decide how you should spend the rest of the day.

    - Know your partners deepest secrets
    - game time 10 – 20 min (up 60 min. game play in the full version)
    - 2 players (male and female)
    - add extra spice to your sex life

    Enjoy and let the game guide you.

    Instructions before you start:
    1. Make yourself comfortable
    2. Open a nice bottle of wine
    3. Make sure that you have all the required “tool” within close proximity
    4. Start the game.

    Game play:
    1. Enter your names

    2. Chose number of rounds you want to play

    3. Lady starts by reading and answering the first question about your partner. Few rules when answering questions:
    a. Try to avoid Yes/No answers
    b. Be very descriptive and detailed with your answer
    c. Tell your partner what you think

    4. When the lady is done with her answer the man rates her answer based on the following:
    a. Was the answer correct or not?
    b. Was the answer short or very detailed?
    c. Don’t lie!

    5. If the rating is above 3 the man will get a reward and the lady will collect the point and move close to becoming the winner. If the rating is below 4 the turn moves on to the man.

    6. Repeat the steps from #3 with the man reading and answering

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