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    Push Chess is a new kind of strategy board game which moves stones by pushing them. No matter what age you are, you will be entertained with Push Chess.
    It is all about power and strategies. The more stones you have, the greater power you get. You can push your opponent stones backward when you have more stones in a line. You will be awarded points when you pushed your opponent’s stone outside the game board. In contrast, your score will be deducted when your stones drop outside the game board. Of course, not only power, strategies are absolutely important! Download Push Chess now! Beat your friends now!

    In Push Chess Premium, you will get 3 extra rewards:
    1. No advertisement
    2. More game board themes
    3. More game stones

    Game Board Size:
    Small, Middle, Large

    Number of Players:
    2 – 4

    AI can be applied to any of the player in the game.
    There are three levels of difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard.

    Game Rules:
    1. Moves
    (i) You can push your stones to move in a direction. A maximum of 3 stones can be moving in each time.
    (ii) When you encounter your opponents, you can push your opponents’ stones if you have more moving stones in the moving direction.
    (iii) As there are maximum 3 moving stones, you will not be able to push your opponents’ stones if they have at least 3 stones.
    (iv) You can also skip your move.

    2. Scoring
    (i) You will be awarded 1 point when you push your opponent’s stone outside the game board.
    (ii) You will be deducted 1 point when your stone is pushed outside the game board.

    3. End Game
    There are two situations for ending a game:
    (i) All players skip their moves in the same round.
    (ii) Only one player is left.

    4. Winners
    The players who get top score win the game.

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