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    Published: 2015-06-19, by .

    Guess what hides behind the scrambled image

    • Family game
    • 3 languages available
    • Another guessing app

    "One reveal"

    1 Pic 1 Word: Tap and guess! is a quiz game where you're presented a scramble picture and it's your task to guess which word is hiding behind those pieces. You can tap on the picture to reveal a portion of the image but try not to waste your chances of getting a higher rating.

    The app includes almost 300 levels to solve with 3 extra ones focusing on countries, cities and famous people. Also, be sure to choose your preferred language (English, French or Russian), that way you will get to practise your vocabulary besides training your deduction and observation skills as well.

    Second Gear Games is the developer of this quiz application, nothing quite new but surely entertaining and a good choice for playing as a family.

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    Jun 19, 2015


    One, two, three start! If you rather play word games better than number games, this is for you! Look at the scrambled picture puzzle and try to guess the word. If you like word quiz games like 4 PICS 1 WORD PUZZLE PLUS, 2 PICS 1 PHRASE WORD GAME and 5 LITTLE CLUES 1 WORD, than you'll love this new family game! Tap on the picture tiles to switch their positions and reveal a portion of the original image. Play with your friends and kids. Look at the worldwide collection of pictures and guess the word!

    Key features:
    • almost 300 puzzles to solve
    • 3 special levels
    • available in six languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Russian)

    Get together and have good family fun! Special hint: if you see a dark tunnel ahead of you and want to see the white light, ask your kids to help you, you will be surprised by what they can do!

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