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    Published: 2014-01-13, by Janel.

    Guess the names of international cities in a classic Hangman game

    • Classic hangman
    • Wholly unoriginal
    • Childish design
    • Gets boring quickly

    "Hangman's really rather morbid when you think about it"

    Put your knowledge of international city names to the test in 3M-App-Team's City Hangman.

    Just like the classic pen-and-paper game of hangman, guess the secret word letter by letter. Correct guesses will reveal that part of the word; incorrect guesses will draw another piece of the doomed man on the gallows. The twist with this app is that each word is the name of a city around the world; you'll get just one hint telling you which country it's in. The app keeps track of your guesses and wins to give you statistics over time.

    There's nothing original here. The design is also bordering on childish.

    3M-App-Team's City Hangman might be alright for young children looking to test their geography knowledge; other than that, it doesn't have much replay value.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jan 13, 2014


    Think you are good at guessing the names of cities around the world? Put that to the test and play City Hangman. Different cities from various places and only you can try and guess their names. Should you find that hard, you can always jump to another word/city and begin a new game. Challenge yourself and try to guess as much cities as possible within a day. Your score will be collected and made available in a daily statistical log. Keep an eye on your daily score and try to improve on your skills. Have fun playing and learning new cities every day!

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