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    Published: 2012-08-16, by .

    Play hangman and guess all the words in order to create a combo

    • Wide variety of categories and words
    • Poor design
    • Not responsive sometimes

    "Which category you want to play?"

    This Hangman application is inspired by the popular game we all love.

    When you start it, you can choose from a lot of categories (cities, countries, animals, football, plants, celebrities and much more) and begin the adventure by choosing the letters you think are correct. You can play alone or with a friend and you will constantly have the rounds won on the top left side of the screen.

    Unfortunately, the game is not really smooth and the design is also poor. You sometimes tap on letters and you get no response, which is pretty annoying. In addition, the letters are too close between each other, even when playing on a Samsung Tablet.

    Next Web Generation is the developer of Hangman and its German version for Android. This is not the best Hangman app on Google Play, even though it can be fun and has a wide variety of words.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Aug 16, 2012


    This is the classic, known probably from school. You can choose from different categories and accordingly you will be given words to guess!

    Since the latest version can edit existing words and new words are added.

    With new updates will also integrate new words and new and additional categories.

    Existing categories are:
    - Facebook friends
    - German Cities
    - Cities (world)
    - Countries
    - Brands
    - Food
    - Animals
    - Football
    - Car
    - Plants
    - Celebrities
    - Film / Hollywood
    - Food / Drink
    - Sports
    - Parts of the body (anatomy)
    - Chemistry
    - Random (for professionals)

    On the one hand you can in the game to see how many rounds you have completed a row in one category and the other hand you can always see your previous record.

    You also have the option to enter the high score in the global system and thus can compare yourself with all users.

    NEW: We have set up a Facebook page so that you us your requests for changes or new questions can write directly:ännchen/145954518860869

    - App2SD possible

    New: Hangman is now also a multiplayer mode. Player 1 is before a word and Player 2 has to guess it. Simple principle that hopefully brings a lot of fun! Have fun with the 2 player mode!

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