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    After the chart-topping success of "Hexic Flow", by popular players' depends, we created the BRIDGE VERSION of this #1 Puzzle Game!
    Now FREE for a LIMITED TIME!

    Our "Hexic Flow" was so entertaining & addictive, tons of people asked us to make a bridge version of the game! And here it is!

    Experience the mind-twisting addictiveness of this ingenious puzzle game! Now with bridges, there's even more turns, twists, crosses, tangles, & possibilities! You WILL get hooked instantly!

    NOTE: Puzzles are much tougher to solve now with bridges! A size 6 puzzles with LOTS of bridges is as hard as a size 10 puzzle without bridges!

    To solve a puzzle, create paths by connecting matching pairs of dots. Use bridges to cross two paths. The puzzle is solved when all dots are connected, all bridges are crossed, & the whole board is filled!

    ~~ Why are we the BEST? ~~

    * the ONE & ONLY hexic version of the games you love!

    * the ONE & ONLY hexic version of the games you love with BRIDGES!

    * 3000+ Bridge Puzzles!

    * 1200 Puzzles Absolutely Free!

    * Super Smooth user Interaction!

    * Puzzle contains up to 30 Bridges!

    * Puzzle ranges from simple to extremely hard!


    If you love originality & total addictiveness, this is the game for you!

    Give it a try! We are sure you will fall in love with it instantly!

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