Letter Mix PRO

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    Letter Mix offers gaming fun with letters. The object is to bring the letters in the right order, so that a meaningful word is formed. You can play Letter Mix with your friends (Multiplayer mode) or alone (Singleplayer mode).

    Multiplayer mode:

    If you are able to arrange the letters correctly you get some points, if you make a mistake your opponents receive the points. After all rounds the player with the most points wins the game.

    Singleplayer mode:

    Each correct word is rewarded with points. If you fail to bring the letters in the right order, the game is over. The points you achieved until then can be saved to the highscore list. All in all 3 lifelines are available for assistance.

    PRO features:

    - no annoying advertisements
    - up to 4 players
    - up to 99 rounds
    - score sharing without restrictions


    - hundreds of words (several categories)
    - intuitive control
    - singleplayer highscore list
    - share your score with your friends
    - upload your score and compete with other players worldwide

    The app is developed further and improved constantly. Suggestions, wishes or criticism can be forwarded via email.

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