Lexigo Rush Free




    Rush to find as many words as you can before time runs out!

    Easy to Play!
    Just swipe your fingers across the letters to form words. You can even use the same letter tile more than once in a word.

    Be Fast!
    Challenge the clock in the fastest word game on Earth! Time is counting down and every word you spell gives you a bit more time. The longer the word, the more time you get.

    Earn Gems!
    Spelling words scores points and rewards you with gems. Longer words score more points.

    Beat Challenges!
    How good are you at word games? Can you spell an 11 letter word, or spell 40 words in a board? Every game starts with three challenges that will earn you more gems!

    Bonus Words!
    Every board has a hidden bonus word--- find it for a massive time bonus!

    Awesome Boosts!
    Kick up your score with three boosts that keep you in the game longer to get higher scores! Activate Chill Out to freeze the timer, use Bonus Buddy to help find the Bonus word to fill your timer, or Skip the Board to get out of a tight squeeze!

    Clear the Board!
    Use all the letters in the board to advance to the next new letter grid. Keep spelling as long as you can. The more points you score, the more gems you collect.

    Get Outrageous Scores!
    Every board has score multipliers. Loop around the grid and reuse letters to stack multipliers and earn even more! Submit huge scores and beat your friends!

    Submit huge scores and beat your friends! Play on all iOS and Android devices Lexigo Rush uses Amazon GameCircle with Whispersync to synchronize all of your gems and purchases across your devices! You can even go GOLD and still keep all of your items you had in free!

    Want an ad-free version with a bunch of extra cool stuff? Download Lexigo Rush Gold for only $2.99!

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