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    Published: 2012-07-09, by .

    Find them all and compete with other players!

    • Entertaining
    • Impersonal, could improve design
    • Too simple

    "In search of the word"

    Search Words is a simple word puzzle game for Android where you need to find the list of words given to you as quickly as you can.

    You will be presented a board full of letters and you need to be quick and look for the one that is written on top of the screen. Whenever you find it, tap the first letter and the last one. After the game, you can submit the score and try to beat others from the Leaderboard.

    Kiwi Mobile is the developer of this simple Search Words app, which could be much better with a more stylish design and better controls. Unfortunately, there are similar and better games.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Jul 09, 2012


    This game is one of the best word puzzle games in Android Market. Play unlimited high quality puzzles now!

    How to play: Select the target word by tapping the first and the last letter of the word.
    You can submit your score online and click the menu key to check the global Leaderboard.

    Thanks for your love and support!

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