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    Published: 2013-10-28, by Janel.

    From anagrams to antonyms, this word puzzler's got you covered

    • Many different ways to play with words
    • Answers are familiar pop culture references
    • None

    "Words are my big obession"

    Problem: the NYT crossword's too esoteric, and the scads of guess-the-mystery-reference apps are for simpletons. You're a middle of the road word lover. Your solution is Synonymous.

    Choose from one of six pop culture categories (Film, Music & Artists, Songs, Television, Literature and Video Games) and you'll be launched into a barrage of wordplay puzzles. One of the strongest features of the app is that the puzzles constantly vary in style, including synonyms, antonyms, anagrams, and re-definitions. The answers should all be familiar to you (for Video Games, think "Tomb Raider" and "Pac-Man"), but the constantly changing clues keep you on your toes.

    The design of the app is acceptable. There's plenty of prompting to spend for hints or to ask your FB friends for assistance, but it's easily possible to play without engaging with these aspects if you prefer.

    Better With Lasers' Synonymous is worthwhile puzzling for casual word lovers.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 28, 2013


    Synonymous: Puzzle Pop Quizzes is a fun trivia word game where you guess famous pop culture references that have been described with wordplay such as synonyms and anagrams! Work with your friends to decipher these fun and often tricky brain teasers!

    As featured on the US Google Play Store Homepage

    Sick of all the mindless Logo Quiz or Icon Pop Quiz games? Enjoy a word game or brain teasers but find cryptic crosswords too hard? Synonymous: Puzzle Pop Quizzes is a word game with a twist! Guess famous pop culture references which have been re-worded with synonyms, anagrams and other kinds of word-play! Can you decipher the pop trivia puzzles and solve them all?


    - Six different pop trivia categories: Film, Music Artists, Songs, Television, Literature and Video Games
    - Over 740 FREE pop trivia word puzzles to solve
    - A Hangman style hint system so you don't get stuck too long
    - Time bonuses for solving trivia clues quickly
    - Star your favourite pop trivia word puzzles
    - Facebook integration to share pop trivia puzzles with your friends, friend leaderboard and earn achievements
    - Beautiful minimalistic interface
    - In app purchase to Remove Ads or for more hint points

    How To Play

    Each clue is phrased with synonyms (words with similar meanings):

    e.g. The Famine Tournament
    = The Hunger Games

    Rules that affect the entire clue are marked with a colon:

    e.g. Opposite: Cold Cold Chilliness
    = Hot Hot Heat

    ? indicates an anagram:

    Ramio? = Mario

    Multiple words in quotes refer to a single word:

    'Cheap Motel' = Hostel

    The number in brackets following a word refers to how many words in the final answer it refers to:

    Excellent(2) = Very Good

    Simply type your guess in the 'Enter Your Guess Here' box and the game will alert you when your guess is close to the correct answer. Common variations of a solution are often accepted.

    Solving a clue gives you 100 points and 25 bonus points if you solve the riddle within the time bonus limit. Points can be used to purchase hints in subsequent questions.


    Synonymous: Puzzle Pop Quizzes uses a Hangman style hint system. Purchasing a specific letter will reveal all occurrences of that letter in the answer. Each letter has its cost listed next to it. More common letters cost more points to reveal.

    The length of the answer will always be shown from the start.


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