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    No more waiting for turns! Play your favourite word game LIVE with players from all over the world!

    You get 8 letters to make words with on a 15x15 board. The board has premium squares that give you extra points, so use them wisely! Both players get 10 minutes each to make as many words as possible.

    If your timer runs out, you lose the game regardless of your score being higher than your opponents. This is to prevent people from playing a very high scoring word and then just sitting.

    The game can also end if there are no more tiles left with you or, your opponent. In such case, the person with the highest final score wins. Final score is calculated as follows:

    - Your final score = (Your score) less (your rack tile score) add (your opponent rack tile score)
    - Opponent final score = (Opponent score) less (opponent rack tile score) add (your rack tile score)

    The game can also end if one of the players resigns giving the opponent an instant win.

    The game is quick and INSANELY addictive! There are thousands of players signed in, so as soon as you tap on QUICK PLAY, you'll be paired with a random opponent.

    And if you have your Google+ friends online, you can start playing games with them easily! Just invite, wait for them to accept, and you're good to go. Plus, you get access to your statistics, head to head results, and lots of achievements to unlock!

    This game uses the latest Google Play Multiplayer Game Services.

    Play Word Game LIVE now - it's free, and the fastest and most addictive word game ever!

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