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    Word Links is quite possibly the most fun, inventive, and challenging word game ever.

    The object is to combine all the words on the screen to form larger words. Ready for a sample? Try pairing the following: car case lace pet shoe suit. The solution is carpet shoelace suitcase. Easy, right? Now, join trios of these into single words: able at dance stand ten under (see answer below).

    Word Links is easy to play - simply move words around to join or separate them - but it is always unpredictable. The puzzles are chosen at random, so no two games are ever alike. Four different vocabulary levels - beginner to expert - along with an American/British spelling option allow you to control the degree of difficulty.

    Take the Word Links challenge, and be sure to visit the Word Links channel on YouTube for instructions and game-play tips.

    (Solution to puzzle above: attendance understandable)

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