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    Published: 2014-05-26, by .

    Spell every word correctly by tapping on the moving letters

    • Fast-paced
    • Challenging
    • Graphics are pretty basic

    "The Letter Catcher"

    Word Scatter is a word puzzle game which tests your reflexes and quick thinking.

    How to play: spell the correct word before time runs out, trying to form as many words as possible in order to achieve a high score. The way to do that is to click on the letters in the right order, keeping in mind that they'll be moving randomly around the screen in a fast-paced way. If you get stuck, take a look at the bottom right corner, which shows the number of letters remaining. In addition, now you can see how many points you get for each letter, as well as the ones you lose for missing them.

    The game requires great reflexes and you will need to train your fingers to move them quickly if you want to spell every word correctly. The challenge is there since the very beginning, so don't expect a soft start. Also, be careful with the laser, which will make you lose some points and definitely makes the game more challenging.

    Graphics are basic but appropriate, highly interactive and including responsive controls. Of course, the gameplay is pretty simple overall, but it can result in a decent time-passer which helps you improve your reaction speed.

    Sneaky Panda Studios is the developer of Word Scatter, an entertaining puzzle which can be really frustrating... in a good way.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 26, 2014


    Help Oscar the panda collect as many points as he can by tapping the blue bouncing letters in order to spell out the word. Watch out though! Along your adventure you will travel all around the world avoiding obstacles like slime and lasers that are trying to get in your way. Finding a treasure chest earns you a bonus word and Oscar the panda can get a chance to triple his points on that bonus word!

    Game Features:
    - Simple one-touch controls: tap the blue bubble letters to select them. Miss and slime will cover your screen making it harder to spell the word. tap the lasers and you will get zapped!
    - Stunning graphics: colorful scenes that you and the panda around the world. (More to come!)
    - Challenging obstacles: Slime and lasers! Who doesn’t like slime or lasers?

    How far will you and panda, tap your way around the world? Just how many blue bubble letters can you tap without having your screen covered in slime? And don’t forget to watch out for those lasers! Now go tap those blue bubble letters and earn as many bonus words as you can!

    Keywords: bonus, lasers,blue,panda,tap,slime,word,letters,bubble.

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