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    In Word Square you must rearrange a grid of letters to form as many words as possible. Forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonal - but has to be a straight line. Don't worry about adjacent letters not making a word.

    Its like a word search in reverse!

    At the end of the level the words in the grid are found and their scores added up.

    If your grid score is better than the level target, then you progress to the next level.

    On the next level, the target will be higher and the time slightly shorter!

    Game play twists such as static letters, double word score and chasing various bonus awards keep things interesting.

    Professional word lists (CSW15 and OTCWL14), US and UK spelling.

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    ** Local high score list to track your progress


    Part of the Funqai Word family of apps. Search 'funqai' to find:
    ** Word Game - The original Android word game!
    ** Word Run - Build a run of words, keeping your letters
    ** Word Game 2 - Sequel to Word Game, with many requested features
    ** Word Game Forever - No timers or end state
    ** Word Square - Like a word search in reverse
    ** Word App - Professional word generator helps you explore the word lists
    All use official Scrabble word lists from WESPA and NASPA.



    These words aren't really words / A common word is not included.

    There are a great many words in use in the English language and I cannot hope to please everyone as to their definition of what is a word or not. The 2 dictionaries offered to use are official word lists used in tournament Scrabble. I think if anyone knows whether a word should be in or out of a game like this then it's these guys.

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