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    Wordcraft is a new highscores word search puzzle game with 6 game modes, 2 languages English and Czech and over 170 000 possible words! SIMPLE LOOK BUT EXTREMELY ADDICTING WORD SEARCH GAME! Get the best score possible and when you are ready to submit your score press THE RIGHT ARROW IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER! Prepare for the best word search game you have ever experienced!

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    ============== GAME MODES =======================
    In Wordcraft you can play 6 different word search modes - Classic, Classic-5, Fastgame, Limited, 10 Words and Fairplay!

    Classic mode - Every word created from 4+/5+ letters will add new letters, otherwise the new letters are not added. Find as many words as you can! Press the right arrow in the bottom right corner to submit your score!

    Fastgame - no new letters added! Get the best score possible!

    Limited - you have 300 seconds to get the best score possible! Find as many words as you can!

    10 Words - you have a limit of 10 words!

    Fair play - everybody gets the same letters and bonuses!

    =========== FEATURES ===================

    * 6 word search modes!

    * each game is different!

    * global highscores system, 6 different leaderboards, you are playing against people all around the world!

    * local highscores (saving your best score)!

    * huge word dictionary - over 170 000 possible words!

    * 2 languages - english and czech! In czech version you are searching for CZECH words!

    * addicting and challenging gameplay!

    * great tool to learn new words and english vocabulary!

    * great educational tool

    * word helper - you can use it to find better and longer words!

    * longer words = extra score!

    * 36 possible graphic layouts, that each player can create (in the main menu or during gameplay pressing C and L)

    * totally free word search game!

    How to play:

    Press on the letter and drag to select a word! The word must contain at least 3 letters! Please view HELP to see more game instructions and rules! Get the best score possible and when you are ready to submit your score press THE RIGHT ARROW IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER!

    Words can be created from 3-10 letters

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