Words A Minute




    Race to find 10 words in a (1) minute in this fun to play, fast paced word game. Find words on a grid to earn points and advance levels.

    *Test you word skills and increase your vocabulary in the process
    *Less frequent letters equate to higher score for words
    *The clock is ticking so keep an eye out for easy words first
    *Can only spell a word once during a particular level
    * Wild Card Characters can only be used once. Once used will appear as the letter used. The AI will select the first word that it comes across that it can use the wildcard with.
    * No points for wildcard character

    Type of words allowed: The only words that are allowed are those that can be found in a standard English dictionary. You may look for any type of word--noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. Plural nouns are acceptable as are all verb tenses.

    Type of words not allowed: Proper nouns, abbreviations, contractions, hyphenated words, and foreign words that are not in an English dictionary.

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