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    Published: 2013-06-04, by .

    Wordsplosion is a mind-breaking game that challenge players to find the hidden word

    • Challenging
    • Visuals and performance
    • Responsive controls
    • Addictive
    • Lack of originality
    • No online leaderboards / Social integration

    "A word is worth a thousand explosions"

    You are given a 5-letter word to guess with only its first letter unveiled. How to proceed? Just try words out. Watch out though: you've got only 5 guesses and you are running out of time. In order to give you clues, those letters you tried that aren't in the word are marked with red. This means that if you try, for example, letter "A" and, even the word isn't correct, the letter returns to the keyboard and it isn't red-marked, then you know that there's at least one "A" in the word, but in other place. Right letters in the right order will remain making easier guessing the word.

    If you like crosswords and other word-guessing games, you are going to have a blast with Wordsplosion. You will find yourself struggling with both time and remaining guess to find the correct word. Wordsplosion gameplay isn't original at all: actually, it is basically like hangman game. However, the folks at Concrete Software have put it upside down. The idea is similar, the way it is implemented is completely different.

    Wordsplosion is set in a user-friendly interface, featuring responsive tap & drag controls and a challenging round-based level up system. No complaint regarding visuals and performance. I'm only missing online leaderboards, multiplayer mode or any sort of social integration. Besides, a recommendable game.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jun 04, 2013


    Race against the clock!

    It sounds simple enough for a word game: You get 5 tries to guess a 5 letter word and we’ll even give you the first letter. No problem, right? Well, you’d better be quick because the clock is ticking, and if you take too long...BOOM!

    Did you hear that? That was a Wordsplosion! — and the next one you hear might be your last!

    Performance-based hint system!

    Wordsplosion isn’t easy (it wouldn’t be much of a word game if it was), but if you keep a clear head and a steady hand you’ll earn free letters to help you out when you get in a jam. And the more words you guess, the more hints you’ll get!

    Huge Dictionary

    From Abyss to Zesty, if it is a five letter English word, you’ll find it in Wordsplosion! We chucked out a few for being too hard (and a few more to keep it clean), but you’d be hard pressed to find a word we forgot about.

    How long can you go before the detonator blows? It’s time to find out. It’s time to play the fast-paced word game that always keeps you guessing: Wordsplosion!

    Game Features:
    • Wordsplosive, rapid-fire word game action!
    • Letter-ifically huge dictionary with thousands of possible words!
    • Gorgeous graphics and bomb-tastic sound effects!
    • Performance-based hint system

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