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    Game Boy music Ringtone

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    Game Boy music
    Game Boy music is a type of chip music produced using a portable gaming console of the Game Boy line. To produce music of the genre, one needs a Game Boy and a cartridge containing appropriate tracking software, such as LSDJ.There are several pieces of software available, but most Game Boy musicians use Nanoloop, Little Sound DJ, Pixelh8 Pro Performer or Pixelh8 Music Tech. Other software includes Carillon Editor, Music Box, Pocket Music, the Game Boy Camera, and others.

    Nanoloop was programmed by Oliver Wittchow, a German art student. The user interface is minimal and quite different from "normal" musical user interfaces. Little Sound DJ was programmed by Johan Kotlinski, who lives in Stockholm. Little Sound DJ is a type of four-track tracker.

    Contain short music clips

    - Set as ringtone
    - Set as notification
    - Set as alarm
    - assign to contact
    - delete ringtone
    - add to favorites

    Press and hold to set as ringtone, notification or alarm.

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    This App uses 10-20 seconds clip from Original Music Source.

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