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    Published: 2013-10-29, by Janel.

    Creepify your ambiance with this collection of eerie sound clips

    • Includes both Zombie and Fat Zombie sounds
    • Can set as ringtone
    • Can set up motion detector
    • Not much use beyond novelty

    "Ghouls and goblins and ghosts, oh my"

    Whether you want to fully deck out your castle with cobwebs for the kiddies or you just want a banshee screeching as your ringtone, you're going to need access to the creepiest of auditory depositories. Seven Leaf's Spooky Sounds has your back.

    Make your selection from the drop down list of eeriness, and the audio file will play over your device's speaker. Yup, this app does what you'd expect it to do. Choose from sounds like bats using echolocation to locate prey (chilling!) or chainsaw rumblings reverberating through a forest (bloodthirsty lumberjacks!). If the undead are your bag, you can even differentiate between the regular ol' zombies and fat zombies.

    There are humanesque noises here as well. The most disturbing to me is that of a petulant child whining to his mother about how frightened he is, but you can also choose from "psycho," "scream," and "death" if they float your boat.

    It's easy to set any of the noises as your ringtone if you're hellbent on subjecting everyone in your general vicinity to the All Hallow's Eve spirit. You can also set a motion detector, which might be useful if you're building a haunted house and have a heap of mobile devices just sitting around waiting to play the "Haunting" sound.

    Seven Leaf's Spooky Sounds is just what it sounds like - a good novelty app for the most ominous of holidays.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 29, 2013


    Spooky Sounds Free By Seven Leaf
    One of the best Halloween Night apps on the market! Scare your friends (or yourself!) with this popular Free Halloween sounds application. Additional frightful features include saving any of the halloween sounds as a ringtone, using a fright filled motion detector, and a countdown timer.

    Choose from over ten + different scary sounds all with a halloween season theme. Choose the sound by selecting the drop down menu at the top.

    The Halloween Sounds Include The Following:
    Bats: The sound of bats flying and making noises
    Chainsaw: Sound effects of chainsaw cutting a tree
    Death: Well.. You know.. It will be scary trust us
    Haunting: The sound of ghosts humming and flies buzzing
    Zombie and Zombie Fat: A zombie groaning and a more deep zombie voice groaning.
    Ghost Child: Creepiest ghost child voice ever!
    Psycho: Woman screaming in an insane assylum
    Scream: Woman screams from a scary event
    Saw: A Saw's sound affects from chopping away at a tree
    Zombie Horde: A horde of zombies just waiting to attack
    Eerie: An unusual halloween creepy noise

    Many more creepy sounds to come!

    Play the sounds in three ways, which include
    - Hitting Play
    - Use unsuspecting countdown timer
    - Start the motion detector ( Scare those trick or treators as they come to your door ! )
    - Play a prank noise continuously by selecting the loop feature on the top right.
    - Save any sound option as a free ringtone. This way when people call you they will be frightened

    Hit Stop at any time to stop the halloween noises from playing.

    Great app to use for first date pranks! Make a good impression by scaring the color out of your date's face. Who wouldn't want to hear the sound of a scary chainsaw at dinner or a ghost moaning because he didn't get any food? The shriek of death or sound of a zombie will no doubt leave a good impression. Although doing this after halloweens days have past may leave your popularity suspect..

    How to use the Halloween Motion detector and count down timer :
    The Motion Detector will arm itself once the countdown you have specified ends. It uses the accelerometer to detect motion with the phone. Once motion is detected the sound you selected will play.

    Count Down Timer : Initiate a countdown timer that will play the Halloween sound you selected after it finishes! Adjust seconds by hitting the up and down arrows. Great for pranks and funny moments

    ** Please note all of the sounds on the top menu list will play with the motion detector and count down timer feature. This also includes the Ringtone save option. Saving the halloween ringtones is free of charge **

    A suggested great use for the app is to scare trick or treators! Start the motion detector on an object that will trigger motion on your phone. When they walk by a sound will be fired off that will scare and spook them!

    Start the spooky count down timer and hand the phone off to an unsuspecting user! They will shriek in terror at your prank as it plays your scary selections!

    Become the life of the halloween party as you unleash terror on unsuspecting guests. Place the phone with the motion detector activated on the drink tray.

    Let us know which sound is the scariest! If you have a Halloween sounds suggestion let us know

    Spooky Sounds app also includes option to adjust the brightness of the phone. Adjusting the brightness to a low level can save battery life. This will be essential for those long halloween nights

    You will find app under name = Spooky Sounds

    Feel free to email us or drop a comment. We are always looking to improve our apps for users. We will do our best to implement your ideas into the application. If you like the app, feel free to check out other apps from Seven Leaf!

    Sounds / Noises are appropriate for all ages, but it doesn't hurt to listen to them before giving to younger people.

    Enjoy your halloween holiday and we hope you get some great scares from the free app

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