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    Taiwanese pop Ringtone

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    Taiwanese pop
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    Taiwanese pop (simplified Chinese: 台语流行音乐; traditional Chinese: 台語流行音樂; pinyin: Táiyǔ Liúxíng Yīnyuè; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tâi-gí liû-hêng im-ga̍k) is a popular music genre sung in the Taiwanese Hokkien language/dialect, produced mainly in Taiwan (Republic of China). It is referred to as Tai-pop and suffered a setback during the years of martial law in Taiwan. Upon the lifting of martial law in Taiwan in 1987, numerous artists began to produce Taiwanese song tracks and entire albums in Taiwanese. Tai-pop although cultivated in Taiwan is also popular amongst Hokkien Chinese people in Xiamen, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia where it is often referred to as Hokkien pop or Fujian music.

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