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    Published: 2014-05-07, by .

    An organized, routine-adaptative and beautiful homescreen replacement

    • Innovative
    • Auto-categorizes apps
    • Phonebook-style app drawer
    • Spaces: homescreen changes throughout the day/context
    • Just a few themes, appearance customizations
    • Just a few performance tweaks

    "Welcome aboard"

    Getting close to people who are smarter than you can ease things for you. Aviate Beta takes that idea and applies it to your phone: an intelligent launcher that simplifies your homescreen.

    Aviate Beta is one of the most innovative Android launchers you may find out on the market. It puts upside down the way you organize apps and widgets and the way you interact with them.

    First, it auto-categorizes your installed apps and put them into "collections" (work, music, social, news, games...). Of course, you can set them at your whim after Aviate's proposal. The app drawer looks like a vertically scrollable bookshelf where each collection is a shelf.

    Secondly, there are the "spaces". Aviate automatically re-organizes your homescreen and make it look like Google Now card-like layout. The good point is the layout changes throughout the day depending on the time and the situation you are supposed to be. For example, there's a preset space called "Morning" which, obviously, pops up only in the morning and highlights those apps, widgets and info you always launch/check in the morning (calendar, news, weather apps, email, event edition...). Edit and switch spaces or wait for Aviate to do it automatically.

    Finally, there's the A-Z Apps section which is actually the app drawer sort by alphabetically. Scroll down or tap on the letter to jump to it as if you were browsing a contact on your phonebook.

    Those are the added-value features of Aviate. What makes it stand out from others. However, it falls shorter on themes, appearance customization and performance tweaks (still in beta though). It is what it is. And it's great already. Highly recommended.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    May 07, 2014


    Aviate is in invite-only beta to ensure a quality experience for our current users. Install the app to request an invite - we are working as fast as we can to give you access as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!


    Aviate automatically simplifies and intelligently customizes your phone, only showing you the apps and information you need as you need them, throughout your day.

    ★ Simplified Navigation — transforms your phone into three, easy-to-navigate screens.
    ★ Clean, beautiful design — streamlines your phone to make every interaction faster and more efficient.
    ★ Adapts to You — the main screen is customizable and adapts to show you different apps based on your current context and time of day so you can focus.
    ★ Smart Collections — automatically organizes your apps into groups so you don’t have to.
    ★ App Recommendations — recommends apps based on what you have installed and the latest ratings within Google Play.
    ★ Customizations that make sense — edit the apps in your Collections, choose between two themes, create Shortcuts, install Icon Packs, Widgets and update your Home Image to make Aviate feel like home.
    (We currently support icon packs that are compatible with ADW, Apex or Nova Launchers - support for icon packs compatible with GO Launcher, Smart, Unicon, Action Launcher and others are coming soon!)

    ★ Wake up, and Aviate automatically shows you the weather and your meetings for the day.
    ★ When you’re at work, have all the apps you need to get your job done.
    ★ When driving, Aviate automatically gives you traffic and directions home.
    ★ Out to dinner, Aviate automatically shows you photos, tips and reviews for the restaurant.
    ★ When plugging in your headphones, Aviate shows you music apps with relevant information about the artist/band you’re listening to, including recent Tweets, upcoming concerts, and bios.

    Aviate will dramatically alter your home screen for the better. It will look and behave differently and can take some getting used to. If you are looking to make heavy customizations to everything your phone, this is not the home screen for you. But, if you wish to simplify your phone and your life while also intelligently customizing your phone for the better, you’ve arrived at the right place. We hope you like it!

    Check out our help page ( to learn more about Aviate and the permissions we request.

    Aviate is only available in a private Beta — which means that although you get it first, some things may not work perfectly. If you have thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Tweet @Aviate or send us an email if you have questions, concerns, recommendations, happen to find a bug (yikes!), or just want to say “Hi”.

    Thank you for installing Aviate - we hope you love it.

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