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    Please contact me at if the skins do not show up in zooper or if they are corrupt as there is a simple fix.

    This is a Play cards glass app based on the latest play store look.
    This app contains 37 skins/cards:
    All essential cards and more are included in this app.

    Text Issue
    - Sometimes when you download zooper skins the text does not appear but there is a simple fix.
    -After you add the widget you want click on it if the text does not appear
    -Zooper will open, click layout and got into anywhere you see text
    -Then select font family and hit roboto light or thin or any other font depending on your preference.
    -Text will then appear on the cards. Do the same for time and date until all the text appears.
    -Hopefully this issue will be resolved in a future update of zooper.

    Music Control Card
    - Requires a free app called Media Utilities
    -In Media Utilities go into settings and scroll down. Tick zooper and were it mention album art or cover art.
    -Please remember media utilities is still a work in progress so sometimes you will experience delays after hitting play and your cover art may take a while to show up.

    -Install our app from The Play Store
    -Recommended to use a launcher with a 6*6 grid and no margins.
    -Dock and notification bar optional
    -Go to your widgets
    -Add a 3*1 zooper widget to your home screen
    -Tap the widget and zooper will open
    -Select the section with our app name and icon.
    -Click the card you want and you're finished.

    "Widgets OnTap Action"
    -Add a widget to your homescreen and load the card of your choice from our app.
    -Widget settings will pop up.
    -Select "Widget OnTap Action"
    -And from there choose the app/action that you want the card to open.
    -To add multiple of these "Widget OnTap Actions"
    -Click layout and select the shape/text that you want to add one too
    -Click in too "Module OnTap Action"
    -And select the app that you want the shape/text to open.
    Then exit zooper and return to your homescreen.

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