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    live dmesg is the one and only boot animation replacement that shows the actual dmesg log (kernel debug messages). It looks a bit similar to a BIOS boot. Handy for developers too! Unlike other similar apps, the information you see on screen is real and live, not a pre-recorded fake.

    The paid version price is aimed at being "one beer" (at the bar, not the supermarket). Google does the price conversion, but if it comes out way above that in your area, let me know.

    !! requires a fully rooted device !!

    !! install on DEVICE, NOT on SD-CARD !!

    The paid version adds features to hide the copyright notice, enlarge the text size, and rotate the display. For the ultimate geekgasm, get the paid versions of both live dmesg and live logcat, and display both in split screen mode during boot. In that case you can also switch between the three modes during boot by tapping the screen.

    The application uses some (root) trickery to get itself installed and running, and it may not be compatible with all devices. It also requires writable /system in many cases ("S-OFF"). It has been tested and found working on the following devices (though it may not work on all firmwares and kernels for a specific device):

    - Samsung Galaxy S
    - Samsung Galaxy S II
    - Samsung Galaxy S III
    - Samsung Galaxy Note
    - Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7"
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1"
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7"
    - Asus/Google Nexus 7
    - Samsung Vibrant
    - Samsung Captivate
    - HTC/Google Nexus One
    - HTC Thunderbolt
    - HTC Desire
    - HTC Desire Z (T-Mo G2)
    - HTC Desire HD
    - HTC Incredible
    - HTC HD2
    - HTC Evo
    - HTC Hero
    - Motorola Droid
    - Motorola Droid X
    - Motorola Cliq
    - Motorola Milestone
    - Motorola Atrix 4G
    - MyTouch 4G
    - LG Optimus 2X

    It is likely to work on many more devices, if you use a non-listed device and it works, please leave a comment! Note that it will never work on ALL devices, so please don't just rate it 1-star if it doesn't work for you.

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