Clay Burster

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    [Game Description]
    2012 London Olympic, clay pigeon shooting!
    Release Stress by shooting and bursting Clay!

    [Game Features]
    5 Chapters and each chapter have 16 stages, totally 80 stages!
    Various parachute items is Coming among Clays.
    And bonus items and gold are acquired by shooting them.
    Each Chapter provides HD Wallpapers
    Chapter 1: Mountain.
    Chapter 2: Canyon
    Chapter 3: Ice Land.
    Chapter 4: City.
    Chapter 5: Toy World.

    [How to play]
    1. Touch the screen when clay is coming and shoot the bullet.
    2. Clear a stage by shooting and dropping more clay.
    3. After shooting a gun, reload time is needed before another shooting depending on the gun type.
    4 Stopwatch at the left bottom, makes the clay stop for 3 seconds.
    5. Pause button to stop the game.
    6. Change gun type by clicking gun Icon on the right bottom after purchasing various guns in the Shop with gold.
    7. Tilt option is available in the option that allows moving left and right over the screen by shaking the phone.

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