1. What is Appszoom.com?

Appszoom lets you browse, find, and compare apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. Appszoom provides both an accessible website and Android Apps (iOS comming soon!) to easily find and download apps read reviews, and get useful information before downloading an app.

2. How do I contact Appszoom.com?

Feel free to contact us at any time at hello@appszoom.com.

You can also keep up to date with our latest news by following us Appszoom on Google plus Appszoom on LinkedIn Appszoom on Facebook Appszoom on Twitter

3. How do I change from Appszoom.com for Android to Appszoom.com for iOS and vice versa?

Just click or tap on the Android or iPhone tab at the top left area of the page, next to the Appszoom logo.

4. I have a problem with an app I found on Appszoom.com, can you help?

Appszoom.com is a place for discovering great mobile apps, but we are not the developers of those apps ourselves. If you have concerns regarding an app, we strongly recommend that you directly contact the developer of that app.

5. I have some suggestions to improve an app

We are not the developers of the apps listed in Appszoom.com. We are an Android and iOS apps catalog and our main purpose it is not developing apps, but to review and promote them. If you have any suggestion or recommendation to improve an app, we strongly recommend that you directly contact the developer of that app. If we have already reviewed it and you want to draw our attention regarding a particularity of the review, you can reach us at hello@appszoom.com

6. How to contact the developer of an app

You have three different ways of finding an app developer contact information:

  • Appszoom: Visit the app page on Appszoom and click on the developer name, next to the app's title)
  • Google Play (Android): You can also obtain a contact e-mail from the Google Play Store application itself, the one in your Android device.
  • App Store (iOS): The developer support contact information can be found on the app's page in the Mac App Store.

7. I'd like to complain about/ flag an app listed in Appszoom

If your complaint is about app performance, features, technical requirements, design or usability, please contact directly the developer of the app.
You can also complain about an app or flag it, by rating it or posting a comment in Appszoom, Google Play or iTunes.
If your complaint has to do with Trademark infringement, please Contact us.

8. I cannot download an app - how to download an app - install an apk

Please keep in mind that Appszoom.com is all about Android and iOS apps, thefore you will need Google's Play Store app installed on your Android device if you are an Android user, or AppStore on your iOS device if you are an iOS user. Appszoom links are not designed to work on regular computers, laptops or any device other than an Android or an iOS. Please, keep in mind that not all apps are available in all countries, nor do all devices meet the required specs for every app available.

9. I am having problems with the payment of a paid app

Appszoom.com is a place for discovering great Android apps, but we do not sell them. When you install and/or buy an app, everything is done in Google's Play Store or Apple's AppStore. If there's any trouble about purchases or in-app purchases, please reach whoever developed that app or Google's or Apple's customer support services. You will find both links at the end of the invoice sent to your email when payment was confirmed.

Here are a couple of links you may find useful:

10. I noticed that one of the apps in your website is infringing Trademark rights. What can I do?

In this case, please, contact us at hello@appszoom.com and we will take measures to ban the URL from Appszoom.com as soon as possible. If you find the same app in other websites similar to Appszoom.com, please, let them know too, as it's a problem which concerns us all.

11. Why am I asked for my Google or Facebook account?

We only use authentication services provided by both leading companies, for your security.
All the authentication process is done in Google or Facebook servers that you chose, so neither personal data nor password are involved.

12. How to uninstall an app I downloaded via Appszoom

Apps are apps, no matter where they come from. All apps installed through Appszoom can be uninstalled as usual. If in doubt, check out the following links:

13. Can you summarize it all in words of one syllable?

Yes, of course. Our site is a place where you can view and get apps of all kind, read news and get brush ups on the apps of your choice. In fact, it's the best place to do so. Thank you.