112 app




    Please note that in order to install Denmark’s official 112 app correctly, you have to enter your phone number in the app after downloading it.

    Denmark’s official 112 app is developed by The Danish National Police, Copenhagen Fire Brigade and The Danish Geodata Agency. It is financed by TrygFonden.

    With Denmark’s official 112 app you can call the emergency center and simultaneously send the GPS-coordinates of the cell phone. That way you can get help faster.

    - The 112 app is operational only in Denmark
    - The 112 app does not send any GPS-coordinates, if the GPS on the cell phone is deactivated
    - The 112 app can only send GPS-coordinates in locations with data connection.

    If your battery level is lower than 25 % the 112 app will make the call to the emergency center, but it will not send any GPS-coordinates. This is to make sure, that you can talk with the emergency center without running out of battery. The 112 app will also automatically stop sending GPS-coordinates, if your battery level gets below 25 % during your call.

    You can read more about Denmark’s official 112 app at (Danish)