Simulator X-Ray Photo Hip Bone




    This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true X-rays of Photo Hip Bone.
    Simulator X-Ray Scanner Photo Hip Bone
    X-ray simulator Photo Hip Bone - a game application joke, where you can make an X-ray Photo Hip Bone without causing harm to themselves or to anyone! CAUTION This is not a real scanner, but only the emulator, the game is intended for entertainment and prank your friends and family!
    To use it, point to your Photo Hip Bone or a friend or loved ones, and then scan the result of surprise! The app does not any radiation and is completely safe for your health! The result is given random!
    Attention! This is not a real X-ray, it is designed to joke and play!
    Thanks for playing with us, leave us your comments and suggestions, we will try to make the game even more interesting for you!