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    Learn a language? It's easy these days! Thick books are no longer absolutely necessary, it is also more convenient! Lengo offers the opportunity to have an insight into all important topics everywhere. Thus, annoying time delays such as the waiting time at the doctor and waiting for the bus, can be bridged with a short learning lesson.

    Who masters all important vocabulary, can go to the conjugation of the verbs. Also important grammatical elements are treated.

    Learn Swedish with Lengo
    • learn structured Swedish
    • little effort, fast learning progress
    • specifically cover learning fields
    • learn Swedish offline
    • free download

    You want to learn Swedish quickly and easily and that uncomplicated? That should not be so hard for you. With Lengo, you can quickly and easily cover all sorts of learning fields. No matter if you want to learn verbs, nouns, adjectives or simple basics of the Swedish language. All this will be done to you with the help of Lengo. You can download Lengo easily and of course for free - most functions can also be used permanently for free or can be unlocked for free with good language skills. Learning Swedish should be fun!

    • Your learning success will be fast. we recommend learning 10 minutes of Swedish every day, so not only will your written Swedish improve dramatically, but the pronunciation will benefit as well.
    • Choose your topics you want to learn by yourself and focus on your weaknesses.
    • You can track your current vocabulary, your proficiency and your valued vocabulary at any time in your stats.
    • Do you always learn Swedish a lot? That should change now. Lengo is 100% off-line so you can learn Swedish no matter where we want it.
    Of course, Lengo is structured, simple and understandable, providing you with an ideal environment for learning Swedish.
    • You will also be given the opportunity to use compartments and the "Vocabulary", "Conjugation" or "Grammar" section. Here, however, gild again: "No diligence no price." Of course, all sections are included in the full version.And the purchase of the app is no registration necessary.The purchase can easily be confirmed with a fingerprint or password and is permanent NO monthly subscription to use the app to its fullest extent! The app can be used on multiple devices Learn Swedish on iPhone, iPod and iPad With the vocabulary overview, it's now fun to learn vocabulary and build up your knowledge of Swedish enormously.

    • adjustable difficulty level
    • Usable without internet connection
    • about 2000 words & phrases from over 30 sub-functions such as: B. Family & House
    • the ability to conjugate verbs and to learn many different things • Statistics
    • for beginners, advanced and experts VOKABELN 1 Altag 1.1 Beginner 1.2 Advanced 1.3 Expert 2 Numbers 2.1 0 - 100 2.2 0 - 1000 2.3 All Numbers 3 Verbs 3.1 Section 1 3.2 Section 2 3.3 Section 3 4 Nouns 4.1 Family 4.2 House 4.3 other 5 Adjectives 5.1 Colors 5.2 Section 1 5.3 Section 2 6 Time 6.1 Time 1 6.2 Time 2 6.3 Days of the week, months and seasons 7 Pronouns 7.1 Stressed personal pronouns 7.2 Unstressed personal pronouns 7.3 Possessive pronouns CONJUGATION

    • regular / irregular verbs
    • Rules for conjugating the verbs
    • Quiz and regular vocabulary trainer GRAMMARK
    • Article and plural
    • Possessive pronouns
    • future
    • Unfinished past
    • Perfect past