The Lost Index: NATMUS




    IMPORTANT! This app requires headphones and for location services and bluetooth to be turned on.

    It is designed to be experienced on location in the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.

    In a not so distant dystopian future, a museum has been infiltrated by a sinister organisation. Secret information has been stored within it's walls. Something strange is happening, and a friend of yours is in trouble. Time is running out. Can you avoid danger and help unlock the code, before it's too late?

    Using iBeacon technology, this app asks you to navigate through a real museum against the clock to find objects and restore the index whilst avoiding enemy agents.

    It uses binaural sound and techniques from hypnotic induction in conjunction with real-world artefacts to create imaginary experiences. It is one of a series of smartphone apps produced for museums by Trulyimagined.

    Begin by launching the app in the entrance hall of the National Museum.