Speed APP your BPM!

    A Massimo Varini Production.
    Idea by Massimo Varini, development by Riccardo Fregonese.

    The high precision variable metronome that will leverage your musical skills.

    You can use this very simple app as a classic metronome, or as well as a variable metronome: set the starting BPM, the ending BPM, the duration of the transition and start your training, wherever you are, with your iPhone or iPad.

    The app will help you doing your exercises, telling you the current BPM, the elapsed exercise time, the single BPM step progression, the total transition progression.

    You can also set the sound of the beat (10 different sounds), and lock together the starting and ending BPM to use BPM+ as a classic professional metronome.

    Massimo Varini is an eclectic musician, composer, record producer, moreover known to aficionados of his work for having played the guitar on some of the finest Italian records. It's impossible not to have ever heard the notes from his guitar: it's his guitar on the albums and alongside artists of the calibre of Biagio Antonacci, Nek, Bocelli, Mina, Celentano, Morandi, Bertè, Masini, Vanoni, Grignani, Pausini, Fossati, Ramazzotti, Vasco Rossi (just to name a few...).
    Moreover he's one of the most appreciated musical educators in Italy: his youtube channel (about 20.000.000 of views) offers a lot of educational videos, and starting from 2013 he's one of the top educators selected by for their online courses.

    Riccardo Fregonese is a consultant, developer, startupper, new technologies explorer, music passionate.