DOWNLOAD  $25.99


    DOWNLOAD  $25.99



    TrapTrainer is an advanced, unique system that helps you train in a professional way.

    - Training session and contest diary with advanced statistics created and suggested by Professional Marksmen, which can be shared by e-mail.
    - Average Results by system, discipline (FO-FU), TAV, visibility and wind intensity
    - % misses from 1st to 5th, 6th to 10th, 11th to 15th
    - % misses on first and last target
    - % misses on left, right and centre
    - % second barrels for left, right and centre
    - Intuitive data entry for recording performance on hard-copy reports
    - Possibility of recording sessions on your smartphone for up to six other TrapTrainer users

    To use all the features of TrapTrainer is necessary an internet connection.