Archery Recorder -Archery Score Management-




    “ArcheryRecorder" is an app that records your score of the archery and helps to improve your score.

    [ Feature ]
    * Arrow hit marks can be recorded!
    * You can record the score by tapping the target.
    * Analyze arrow distribution (Full version feature)
    * Display center mark of arrows (Full version feature)
    * OR match, OR(Team) match support (Full version feature, Recurve only)
    * Points of the shooting form can be recorded with your score.
    * Bow settings and bow tuning can be recorded.
    * The best and the average, automatic computation.
    * The number of X and the number of 10, automatic computation.
    * You can put the priority on the points of shooting form to and manage the points.
    * Remove all ads banner (paid function)

    The biggest feature of ArcheryRecorder is, it is possible to record arrow hit marks by tapping the target.
    After all score are recorded, specific End, Round's arrows can be highlighted, and you can do an analysis of the shooting to confirm the transition of the grouping.
    When you can not tap the target, you can put your score by score button.

    You can improve your shooting form continually because you can put the priority on the points of shooting form to be checked and manage the points.

    You can also confirm the points of form simultaneously with a record in the past.
    So it's also most suitable to re-recognize a points of form.