Amazing Shapes Puzzle - Education forms and objects puzzles for babies, kindergarten preschool kids and toddlers

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    The worldwide beloved puzzle game for the little ones is probably one of the best baby puzzles for toddlers in the store! Our puzzle is a child safe app from our beloved “Mr. Pepper” puzzle series, designed with high-quality content, graphics and sounds. Your kids will love the app!

    The exclusive and individually is designed to enhance the following skills all while your child is playing:

    + Hand-eye coordination
    + Better concentration
    + Better logical thinking
    + Better motor skills
    + Trains visual perception

    The app is made for kids aged 0 to 5.
    The puzzles will stay always exciting, as there is always a new arrangement of the individual puzzle pieces. Kids also can collect stars for every puzzle they solve. With enough collected stars a bonus puzzle can be unlocked. There is a button to set back the star count to zero to keep things motivating.

    This app is showing motives of basic geometric forms, healthy fruits, vegetables, numbers, letters, animals, daily objects and toys... everything a kid has to learn about or likes.

    + Children Safe - No advertising!
    + Can be played without any reading!
    + The few texts in the game can be shown in 16 different languages!
    + Child safe playing!
    + Different minigame rewards can be selected!
    + Very cool “splash” reward!
    + Unlock bonus content by collecting stars!

    Please note:
    When you and your kid like our app please write a review in the app store to support us in developing more content and more apps for kids! Thank you!

    The child-friendly shapes and forms puzzle for children with lovingly designed graphics was developed by educators and drawn by renowned illustrators. McPeppergames is not using any third-party artwork and every game content is created especially and only for our apps. McPeppergames develops with "Mr. Pepper" apps with educational value.

    Please also note: This app is available as a free to download test-version, if you want to test the app before buying it. Just look into our app portfolio at the following link:

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    Please also visit us at

    Your McPeppergames team!

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