Ariapp | Art audioguides




    ARIAPP is a free application with expert audioguides for exhibitions in museums and galleries. Art historians, curators, gallery owners, artists record and publish audioguides to the events that interest them.

    Travel and learn about works of art at galleries and museums around the world. An event appearing on the map in the app means an expert published their audio-guides to the works of art, and you can listen to them when visiting the exhibition or the museum, or do it virtually from anywhere over the internet.

    Tell your friends about your impressions from the exhibition of contemporary art or the masterpieces in the museums you visited. Share exhibitions on social networks and your subscribers will be able to access them, see the works with audio and listen to them.

    With the application, small galleries can now promptly and easily produce audioguides to their exhibitions and collections, create audio catalogs. This information becomes available to visitors, as well as to specialists – curators, art historians, and collectors, as well as to representatives of auction houses.


    • The app use is not limited to exhibition halls. Audioguides to graffiti-spots, land art festivals, audiovisual works, media art, and other formats can take an advantageous position in Ariapp.
    • Expert audio-guides can be recorded by curators, art historians, gallery owners and other people who have the knowledge. Also of great value is the opinion of artists about their own works and about group exhibitions.
    • Share unique exhibitions and stories with friends, keep what might otherwise be lost to the public eye.
    • Save on your data plan – download audioguides to your device wherever there is a hotspot.
    • ARIAPP is a virtual guide to exhibitions. You can check out the works and listen to stories about them, even if you do not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition.


    Experts can publish audioguides for free from their personal accounts in the application. Do you want the official audioguides of the institution in the app? Contact us at For more information, visit "Galleries" section at our website.