Journalizer is a journal + analyser app great for tracking and analysing events of your life.


    Love levelling up and bettering yourself? So do we.

    Knowing where you want to go and following your plans to get there show you are a highly motivated and committed individual. But if you don’t track and review your progress often, how would you know if you are traveling in the right direction? It’s like driving with a map but never checking it throughout the journey. You might get there. Or you might not. Or the journey might take a lot longer than it should.

    We made tracking and analysing easy so you can focus on getting to your destination.


    When you create a journal entry, tag the event that you would like to analyse with a # and include measurements if applicable. Based on the journal entries tagged with the event, Journalizer provides a summary and graph of what’s going on. With this new insight you will know whether you should continue with what you are doing or if it’s time to make changes.

    Track. Review. Continue/Adjust. Repeat.

    - Create journal entries and use hashtags to track event. Include measurements such as duration, weight, length and volume if applicable.
    - View a graphical representation of tracked events and their measurements over different periods of time, ie. Day, Week, Month and Year.
    - View a summary of tracked events and their measurements, ie. minimum, maximum, average and total values, over different periods of time.
    - Automatically and instantaneously sync your entries to iCloud. Or turn Sync off and keep them locally on your device.
    - Entries are securely stored in a private database for each user on iCloud and is not accessible by us and other users.
    - No need to create another account to use the app or sync your entries to the cloud. Just make sure your Apple ID is set up on your device.
    - Sync data across multiple iOS devices that are set up with the same Apple ID.

    Journalizer is free to download and use for up to 10 entries. After that a once off in-app purchase will unlock the app so you can create as many entries as you’d like.


    Thank you for your support. Journalizer is our baby and we plan to keep improving it with new features. If you have any questions or feedback, do send us an email at If you love the app, please leave us a sweet review and tell all your friends.