Burn 2 Learn




    The Burn 2 Learn app has been designed to support the delivery of the Burn 2 Learn program – a school based physical activity program for senior school students. Burn 2 Learn utilises the science of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to improve students’ health, fitness, wellbeing and academic performance, using short but effective workouts. The program includes a variety of pre-designed HIIT workouts, including Gym HIIT, Sport HIIT, Hip Hop HIIT, Combat HIIT, Class HIIT (which can be done inside a classroom), and a short option known as Quick HIIT for days when there isn’t much time.


    *Sync with heart rate monitors for real-time feedback or use without a device
    *Keep yourself at above 85% of your maximum heart rate to stay in the high intensity zone
    *Select from a variety of pre-designed HIIT workouts, so it never gets boring
    *Customise your workouts by changing the work-to-rest ratio and number of intervals
    *Workout library and videos describing 12 unique HIIT workouts
    *Complete a solo session, or compete against up to 5 friends in a group session
    *Dashboard display showing sessions completed, average heart rate across workouts, number of wins against friends, age-predicted maximum heart rate, and highest heart rate achieved
    *Calendar display showing total sessions completed each week
    *Receive personalised post-workout reports showing heart rates achieved during each work interval during the workout
    *Teacher version of the app designed for tablet (i.e., iPads) can display heart rates for up to 30 students using a WASP device
    *Option to link multiple user results using a unique group session code for the whole class

    The Burn 2 Learn program is a collaboration between researchers from the University of Newcastle, Australian Catholic University, and Northeastern University, in partnership the New South Wales Department of Education.