FinancePath is a free, personal wealth app that helps you find and manage your whole financial world.
    Having difficulty understanding your financial position? The solution is FinancePath.
    FinancePath is an easy to use app that gathers all your information in one place, giving you a clear overview of your wealth. Once you download the app, you can be connected to your finances in just minutes.
    And with bank level security, your data has never been safer.
    What features are available with FinancePath?
    Data Collection
    Give yourself greater control with up-to-date access to all your financial information, including all your assets and liabilities – bank accountants, credit cards, properties, cars, loans and mortgages.
    Cash Flow
    Keep track of your cash flow with the autocategorisation of spending and expenses
    Digital Document Signing
    Save time and paper by signing those important documents digitally on any device.
    Have a financial goal? Achieve it with our Goals feature, which helps you budget to reach it.
    Connect to a professional
    Connect with your adviser or accountant and request services without having to physically visit them. FinancePath can also provide your financial professional with valuable data that they can use to assist you.
    Tax Time
    Make tax time easy with all your financial data and documents stored securely in the cloud.

    So, take control of your finances and download the FinancePath app today.