Carer Connect QLD




    Carer Connect is for Queensland foster and kinship carers. It provides secure access to information and support, when and where you need it. You can view relevant information and documentation to gain an understanding of how the needs of the children in your care can best be supported.

    Carers can:
    · upload pictures of your home and family for a Child Safety Officer to share with a child when they are transitioning to a new placement with you
    · view noticeboard articles that may announce everything from training to social events
    · make contributions to the life story of children and young people in your care by posting photos to kicbox.

    Foster and kinship carer agency support workers will assist you to register for Carer Connect. At your next monthly check in meeting, speak with your worker about accessing Carer Connect.

    You need to register to use this app. Please arrange a time with your agency support worker to do this.