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Audiofusion Director

    DOWNLOAD  €109.99



    - Remote control of Audiofusion™SoundCaster to select channel inputs and set overall volume levels
    - Create and reassign instrument labels
    - Create and manage musician and device assigments
    - Hear and control the mix of each connected Audiofusion™Performer

    With the help of the Audiofusion™Director app running on an iPad, instrument labels and icons can be created at any time and all in one place. Position band members on the stage plot to visualize the layout. Long sound checks are a thing of the past when the band takes the stage. Use Director to enable or disable channel inputs and remotely control the volume of the instrument signals coming from Audiofusion™SoundCaster. Create or simply reassign the instrument labels to the channel inputs and assign musicians to the connected devices. Provide unparalleled support during the performance. Select one of the musician icons on the stage plot to hear and control the exact same mix the artist is hearing on their device.

    The purchase of Audiofusion™Director includes a license to connect to Audiofusion™SoundCaster. Only one instance of Director can be connected to SoundCaster at a time.

    Minimum Requirements:
    iPad (4th gen or newer)
    iPad Air (2nd gen or newer)