Mobility Insurance App




    The DVV Mobility App: the only app you will really use!

    From now on you can hit the road safely thanks to the DVV Mobility App. Extremely useful when you have an accident, when you don’t remember where you parked, to measure your fuel consumption and to refill the parking meter in time.

    The DVV Mobility App gives you assistance right from your pocket.


    Sometimes it happens: an accident, a broken window or someone even broke into your car. And when it does, you want help as fast as possible. With the DVV Mobility App you can make pictures and send an electronic declaration. Because you always have your smartphone with you!

    Never forget where you parked. Or let the DVV Mobility App remember it for you. You can make pictures of your parking spot and even take notes. Your GPS tracker will automatically detect your location, and will navigate you back to your car when needed.

    The DVV Mobility App also offers a solution for your fuel consumption. You can measure your consumption and your budget in a very easy way. Did you just find a cheap gas station, or did you just pay way too much? Share it on facebook!

    Nothing more annoying than having paid for a parking spot and… returning just in time to see the ticket under your windshield wipers. With the DVV Mobility App you can set an easy and simple alarm to remind you to refill the parking meter, or to leave in time!

    The DVV Mobility app uses location services in the background. Continuous use of GPS in the background can decrease battery life. You allow: “Statistical data processing for internal use only.”

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