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    Published: 2014-12-30, by .

    Chat for free with friends and random strangers, whatever their language

    • User-friendly
    • Public chats
    • Instant message translation
    • Security
    • Only as good as the number of users
    • Doesn't support videos/voice notes

    "Chat 'til you're blue in the face"


    There’s a vast sea of messaging apps out there, and only the best ones survive. BlueChatBox is a free new offering from Tony Jiang.

    As well as the ability to send free messages to any of your contacts on BlueChatBox, you can also talk to random strangers nearby and around the world, whatever the language barrier.

    The app has a simple interface, is very easy to navigate, and there’s also a nice few security features to boot. With lots of customization options too, BlueChatBox may not boast all the fancy features other apps can, but it has a few nice touches you won’t find elsewhere.


    If you’re a talker, then you will love the ‘public chats’ feature. Here, you can talk with random strangers, based on those nearest to you, or around the world.

    And you needn’t worry about any language barriers: BlueChatBox has a Google translate API built-in to its system, so you can instantly translate messages on-screen (in preferences, you can select the language you would like to translate to).

    The group chat feature supports over 50 users per group, so if you ever feel like bringing your extended – extended family together, now’s your chance.

    I was most impressed by the simple but effective security features built into the app. Not only can you set a passcode, but in settings, you can check your current sessions. So if you realize you’ve forgotten to log off on your friend’s device, you can quickly hop out.


    Obviously, like every new messenger app out there, BlueChatBox’s biggest limitation is the number of users (or lack of). Until or unless your friends get onboard, it’s not likely to become your go to messenger, no matter how good the features are.

    And there are basics that the app doesn’t support: you can’t send videos or voice messages, which is a big downside.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Dec 30, 2014


    BlueChatBox is a free messaging client that allows you to message and video chat with friends and people nearby.

    • Free: With BlueChatBox, you can chat as much as you want without incurring SMS fees.

    • Nearby: Text and video chat with people nearby, find lively conversations anywhere you go.

    • Friends and Temporary Friends: Connect with people as friends or as temporary friends. Temporary friends allow users to chat privately without revealing sensitive data like phone numbers and will automatically unfriend when there aren't active messages between the users for some time.

    • Message Translation: Ever wanted to chat with someone who speaks another language? Now you can, BlueChatBox can translate messages in other languages to the preferred language of your choice!

    • Custom chat backgrounds: Ever get tired of boring chat backgrounds? BlueChatBox gives you the ability to customize backgrounds.

    • Show your emotions: BlueChatBox gives you the ability to decorate any text message with a feeling to properly display your feelings.

    • Group chats: Create group conversations with the people you want.

    • Multiple status icons: Want to have different pictures when you're feeling happy or when you're bored? Now you can, BlueChatBox gives you multiple statuses with customizable icons for each status.

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