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    The Bold & Determined App consists of:
    - 30 Days of Discipline Log
    - Browser for the Bold & Determined Blog
    - Tab to bookmark posts
    - Browser for the 30 Days of Discipline Forum from Good Looking Loser

    If you are running iOS 6 the application looks slightly different to the iOS 7 screenshots, but runs perfectly.

    This application is not run by the legend Victor Pride.

    If you love Bold & Determined, then I will assure you, you will love this application. A small price to pay for a one stop hub for the best manosphere blog out there + a very detailed and feedback driven accountability log/workbook. This app also helps you manage and assess your progress on the 30DD journey on the go, no internet required.

    App Instructions for the 30 Days of Discipline (Information also included within app):

    30 Days of Discipline is the bootcamp for the body, mind and soul. The 30DD log within this application acts as an accountability workbook for you, as well as provide you with positive feedback in the form of daily and individual discipline scores.

    Remember 30 Days of Discipline rewards consistency throughout the 30 days. Also, do not cheat yourself with the scoring because at the end of the day, it's all about your improvement.

    Set score challenges for yourself, encourage other wolfs to join the journey and of course feel pride in becoming a well disciplined MAN.


    - At your very first ever launch of the application, or after a 30DD reset (see bottom) you will be able to begin your 30DD journey at a press of a button on the main screen.

    - The main screen displays all 30 Days. The header shows your custom personal message (edit below), the current day number of your journal and the average score across the completed days - also referred to as the final score.

    - Days Monday to Saturday consist of disciplines 1-11. Sunday only requires you to complete the 12th Discipline “On The Seventh Day He Rested”.

    - You can complete a days log by navigating through: Current Day —> Specific Discipline —> and complete the entry.

    - The 30DD log will only save correctly if you navigate back to the list of disciplines.

    - You can view your current progress in detail by pressing the medal button on the main screen.

    - Rotate your device if any text ends in ...


    The individual scoring of each discipline aspect varies with it’s difficulty, however the following rules apply:

    - Each discipline can score a maximum of 100 points.

    - A maximum of 1100 points can be attained on any day (11 disciplines x 100). On Sunday the score out of 100 is multiplied by 11 for consistency.