Vastu Shastra Pro: Compass

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    Would you like to improve the quality of your life? Then use our Vastu application to check if your sweet home and workplace, is VASTU compliant or not?

    How to use the app:-
    Hold your device parallel to the floor/ground like you would hold a compass. Stand at the center of the house and choose an area (e.g. Entrance). The green color in the compass indicates favorable direction for the chose place and the red color indicates unfavorable direction and cream color indicates neutral space (neither favorable nor unfavorable).
    With Vastu Shastra App you can:-
    • Find detailed Vastu information about each direction for your home and for your workplace..
    • Identify the correct placement for each room or interior area for your home such as for kitchen, toilet, staircase, guest room, prayer room, living room, bathroom, study room etc..
    • Identify the correct placement for each room or interior area for your workplace area such as for office, industry, commercial complex, machines, plots, shop/showroom etc..
    • Find out about Vastu Guidelines for the main common problems such as wealth, health, success, career, married life, furniture, and prosperity etc...
    • You can make check your current setting for the each room or interior area for your home and workplace in Vastu plan. You just need to follow the directions and color code given in Vastu plan to check your current arrangement is Vastu compliant or not?

    Please provide us your valuable feedback to make this app better and more useful.
    Thank you