Grandma's Cookbook




    - Description

    How to preserve the affective memories related to cooking in a contemporary society? The Grandma's Cookbook application was born with the purpose of reviving and transferring the tradition of recipe books to the digital medium.

    - Creation and personalization of recipe books

    With Grandma's Cookbook, you can create numerous recipe books, name and customize each one. This way, you can organize and edit your notebooks in categories, themes or names.

    - Recipes Management

    Each notebook has a table of contents where the recipes are stored and organized. You can create recipe organization categories within the table of contents, such as "Salty", "Sweets", etc. Simplified recipe creation mode: addition of ingredients and preparation mode through individual boxes that can be rearranged and edited; Upload the image from the bookstore or the camera.

    - Personalization and Recipes Sharing

    For each recipe you can add stickers or notes. The user can choose the size and color of the brush and draw stickers, arrows or messages. The result of the drawing will become an adhesive over the recipe and can be moved or deleted. Each recipe can also be shared individually, such as image, through social networking, airdrop or email.