Winnipeg Know Your Zone




    Use this Official City of Winnipeg app to find your residential street snow zone, as well as info about when your street will be plowed during a residential parking ban.

    A residential parking ban is called to facilitate the City’s snow clearing response to an extreme snowfall. All residential streets are assigned a snow zone; each snow zone is identified by a letter of the alphabet. Zones are plowed in 12-hour shifts, around-the-clock. Parking is only prohibited on residential streets during the 12-hour period when a zone is scheduled for clearing.

    Features include:
    - Search an address or use your current location
    - Get the snow zone letter and parking ban information specific to an address
    - During a residential parking ban, view the full snow clearing schedule
    - View all streets designated as snow routes on a map
    - View the current and upcoming plowing operations during a residential parking ban on a map
    - Parking ban descriptions
    - Frequently Asked Questions