PLAATO is a reinvented airlock that monitors your ongoing fermentation, sending the key parameters directly to your phone.
    PLAATO lets you:
    - Monitor the fermentation activity
    - Measure the ambient temperature [°F/°C]
    - Estimate the Specific gravity and alcohol content [°Oe, %w/w]

    PLAATO features:

    ● WiFi-connection - Access and share your data from wherever you are, using the PLAATO-app.
    ● Versatile - Works on beer, cider, wine and all other alcoholic fermentations.
    ● Replaces your ordinary airlock - Simply switch to PLAATO, and monitoring will
    ● Real time access to data - During the fermentation, you have access to the
    essential parameters in real-time, giving you an unique insight of how different strains of yeast work, how temperature affects the rate of fermentation and much more.
    ● Export data - Understand the unique data generated from each batch, and use the information to compare techniques and taste, and increase you understanding of whats going on.

    How PLAATO works
    Plaato measures continously the flow of CO2 from the fermenter, and knows at any time the total amount of CO2 that has been generated by the fermentation.
    Since the fermentation process generates equal amount of CO2 and ethanol, Plaato can use this data to estimate the Specific Gravity (SG), alcohol percentage and quantify the fermentation activity.

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    PLAATO Airlock is the proud winner of the Red Dot Award 2018

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