Times Tables Showdown HD Lite




    Times Tables Creek is holding its biggest ever Times Tables Showdown and you’re invited. Take on 'Times Tables' Tex or take part in a Wild West math dual! The 1 & 2 Player ‘quick-on-the draw’ games test you on 200+ questions (500 + in the Full Version). Test your times tables and your reaction speed. They only shoot tomatoes though!

    One of the most fun times tables teaching & learning iPad apps available, Times Tables Showdown HD Lite, helps children (and parents) to learn, practice and master multiplication in this fast-paced, quick-on-the-draw game. The Lite version has 4 levels (1x to 4x) and is a ‘quick-fire’ app to test your times tables. E.g. ? x 4 = 12, 9 x ? = 36, 12 x 2 = ? or ? x ? = 27. Get the FULL VERSION for 1x-12x levels and 500+ questions! You can review & practice your answers after you play, even if you get the answer wrong.

    It’s a great way to boost mental calculation skills and help teach/learn key maths facts-the building blocks of math/maths success. Perfect for age 7+.

    1 Player Game
    Can you take on 'Times Tables' Tex’, one of the meanest cowboys in town? You’ll be playing for our local hero, Charlie ‘Abacus’ Beads.

    Watch the questions at the top of the screen. Choose your answer to shoot your tomato gun. If you are correct, then you’ll give Tex a faceful of tomato. If you are wrong, it’ll be you that’s tasting the tomato. You only have 10 seconds to answer before Tex shoots (he’s a bit of a cheat!).

    There are 10 questions in each round and each correct answer wins you a star. Get 8 stars to beat Tex and make your own cool Sheriff’s poster to share with your friends and family. If you get hit three times, it’s game over.

    2 Player Game
    Can you beat your friends or family in this 2 player, quick draw game? Choose the cowboy you each want to play for. Will you be Jimmy ‘ Fast Fingers’ Jones, or Charlie ‘Abacus’ Beads? It’s not just about your math, it’s about your reaction time too.

    Make your own Math Sheriff poster!
    Each question you get right earns you a star on your Math Creek Sheriff’s poster. If you beat Tex, you’ll be able to add your photo or choose one of our cowboy characters. You can add your name, cowboy hats, beards. moustaches and stars to your photo, and make it look old fashioned with our 4 photo effects. Then, share your success with your friends and family.

    So, let our Times Tables Showdown HD app give your child a head-start on their road to math success. Play with them or play against them, however you play you’ll combine learning with fun. When it comes to taking the first fun steps towards times tables/math success, we think it’s a hard app to beat.

    At CEO, we know there are many different strategies to learning and teaching Math, and this engaging app can form one fun part of your approach. It is designed to be used over time; as your child’s/class’s Math abilities develop.

    Developed by award-winning online & mobile education specialists, Cambridge English Online Ltd, with 10 years’ experience creating fun, online and mobile resources, Times Tables Showdown HD has been tested and reviewed by teaching professionals, parents and children , and aims to support National/Core Curriculum guidelines on teaching and learning math/numeracy.


    - 1 & 2 Player versions included – great playing alone or with friends.
    - 200+ questions to test your time tables (500+ in Full Version)
    - Review and practice your answers after you play.
    - Make & share your own cool Wild West-style Sheriff’s poster with friends and family.
    - Beautifully-illustrated Wild West town theme to help engage & entertain. Fun sounds too!
    - Children improve their math while playing
    - Find out your reaction times
    - Encourages quick thinking/fast reactions/mental calculation
    - Great for ‘in classroom’ teaching/competitions
    - Ideal for reluctant learners

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