“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

    Did you know that around 40% of people make new year’s resolutions. Only 8% succeed. Why ?
    -Our goals are too vague.
    -They are not converted into actionable plans.
    -We do not make a serious commitment.
    -We do not set up a tracker system.
    -We try to do it alone.

    Did you know also that;
    -It takes around 6 weeks to create a new habit?
    -Focus is essential? No more than a couple of goals should be attempted at the same time.
    -Writing down your goals increases the likelihood of accomplishing them by 30%?
    -Recording your efforts even more?
    -Telling others about your goals yet even more?

    Want to change something in your life or reach your goals? Make it into a habit. Invest a couple of weeks of effort and make it automatic. Then you won’t need motivation or will power to succeed.

    Changram helps you do exactly that.
    -Select from our list of common resolutions or create your own.
    -Your goals are converted into spesific, measurable and time-related actions.
    -Know exactly what to do, when and for how long.
    -Record your actions.
    -Track your progress visually.

    Here are some common goals people are working towards with Changram:
    -Become more organized.
    -Spend more time with loved ones.
    -Eat healthier.
    -Quit smoking.
    -Read more.
    -Improve social skills.
    -Spend less, save more.

    “Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.” – William Hutchison Murray