Storyteller ~ reads books to you

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    Have stories read to you. 

    Sit by the fire, and have stories read to you in comfort.
    Storyteller tells you a unique story selected from a library of endless variety (fiction and nonfiction, over 8000 books).

    Great for bedtime, napping, while having lunch, on a drive, while working, or with family and friends.

    • Many Classics, written by world-historic authors.
    From the creators of popular pioneer app Classics — before iBooks.

    • All read by professional narrators, who are passionate about literature and Audiobooks.

    • Collect a small Book Library, like a case of rare gems, from those times of stumbling upon exceptionally interesting stories or even life-changing relics.

    • Shuffled Books: Even see a visual selection of random books to choose from.

    - Tap "Home" for a menu.

    (The home button is the lined circle on the bottom of the app screen, not the hardware home button.)

    Home menu:
    - "Skip to Next Book",
    - "Save this Book"
    - "View Library"

    Playback control:
    - Tap the screen to Pause (or then Play again).

    Internet connection required.